Carrie Barfoot

We are not just a business, we are a movement!
A Clean Food Movement - inspiring and sharing how to create quick, simple and healthy meals in minutes.

As a new home owner, newly married and soon to be a new mom, 10 years ago - I was finding there were many months with more "month" than "money". I loved that my Epicure business could be customized to fit my schedule and by focusing on the service I could provide through our cooking classes - verses the selling - the profits were substantial.


Epicure allows me to have the best boss ever - me!
My Epicure career has allowed me to be home for all three of my beautiful boys, contribute an incredible income to my family, be in control of my own success, offer a business opportunity to others that can ultimately transform their lives and most importantly has shown my children that by working with purpose, being of service to others, setting goals and loving what you do - you can achieve anything.